Government executives sign bills into law and appoint and supervise administrators to run the government. Legislators work to enact or repeal laws they think are good for society (or at least good for their constituents).  Litigators work to secure judgments that their clients were right or justified, whatever it is that the clients did or did not do.  Judges work to figure out what the law actually means and apply that meaning in particular circumstances.  Law professors critically evaluate the law in a broader context and consider different ways of shifting things around.  These people are all components of our legal system at work.

This blog is designed to break down the system and its players by explaining legal developments that impact real people in real life, and encouraging you to think about these developments in context.  In other words, if I am successful, this blog will identify legal things that could affect your life, explain these things in a user-friendly way with minimal legal jargon, and potentially pose some thoughts or questions intended to make you think just a little bit harder about the issues on the table.

Hopefully, we’ll learn something, teach something, engage in some interesting conversations, and become better informed civic participants.  Maybe we’ll pay more attention to local elections.  If you’ve never voted, maybe you’ll be inspired to do so.

I encourage you to read, think, and post your comments.  Please do so respectfully.  I also encourage you to comment here if you have a question or an issue you’d like me to address in a post.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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